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Rooms are allocated from3 p.m. the day of your arrival until11 a.m. the day after. In case of late departure, a supplement will be charged, up to the addition of one night on your bill.

The bathroom towels and bedding are part of the room allowance and cannot be taken away. For reasons of hygiene and comfort, they are cleaned andt ironed before each arrival. However, they are not there to be used as rags. Any soiled and non-cleanable linen will be charged.

Bedrooms are not a playground. Beds are made for lying on or sleeping on. Jumping and throwing is prohibited. Any broken bed will be charged.

The rooms must remain as clean as on arrival. It is not acceptable to find trash on the floor when there is a trash can in the bathroom. Dirty shoes must be removed before entering the room.

Air conditioning/heating is installed to make the room comfortable. In front of the waste, abuse and disrespect from many customers, the remote controls are no longer available.

For hygienic reasons, food and drinks are not allowed in the room. Bedrooms are not dining rooms. The terrace is not a picnic area. It is also forbidden to smoke in the entire room, as well as in the bar. It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts on the ground. Ashtrays are available. The Agape has a bar/restaurant.

The hotel lawn is prohibited. It is therefore unacceptable to find waste on it.

The entire site is under video surveillance.

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Faced with the lack of respect and civility of many masters, we have taken the decision to prohibit all types of animals in our establishment.
Indeed, many masters let their animals urinate and defecate on our land, let them dirty our rooms. They even fail to signal their presence, or even hide them.
No animal will therefore be authorized and any breach of this rule will be subject to exclusion from our establishment without reimbursement.
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